Smoke detectors
Gas detectors
Emergency lights
Fire extinguisher
Security door
Land-phone to call our office or emergency phone numbers


1 50’’ Sony Smart TV HD.
2 42’’ Sony Smart TV HD
Every TV is cable-wired to the Internet; you can share over Wi-Fi your music, video, film and pictures from your smartphone o tablet directly on smart TV (may require App. Imediashare TM).
Digital DTV, Hot Bird and Astra 19.2 Sat TV to enjoy non-scrambled Italian, German, English, French and Spanish TV channels. If you bring your own CAM and smartcard, you can enjoy scrambled channels.
Wired or WI-FI fault-tolerance (at least 1 MB upload guaranteed) Internet access, so your remote desktop and videoconference can work flawless and professionally, and you can stay with us a bit longer.
Black and white wired or Airprint TM laser printer.
5 USB in-wall-plugs to recharge your smartphone or tablet; do not worry any more if you forget your charger.


Central heating and air-conditioning.
The apartment can be very warm during winter-times, if you want, and cool during summer-times; please do not expect freezing-cold as in some newer hotels, because you are in a historical building.