Guests can access the whole apartment without any limitation.
Average price per night is 140 Euro for 1 or 2 persons, 210 for 3 persons, and 280 for 4 persons.
Price changes depending on season and special events in town.
Please contact for special offers for longer stay, families, and for more than 4 guests and up to 6.
Special princes for members of Rotary and Lions clubs.
Price include 10% Italian VAT Value Added Tax.
The apartment is rented only for short term for tourists (short term rentals), according to Italian Laws and up to max 28 days per guest.
The building is in a traffic-restricted area, please contact us on how to reach us by car, off-load luggage etc.
Just like in hotels, we must register every guest’s personal data, so everyone must please provide a valid photo-id or passport.
We cannot let you in, even if only one guest does not have a valid id (kids excluded).
We always issue an invoice, including 10% Italian VAT.
We prefer traceable payment like PayPal, wire-transfer, credit cards, and debit cards).
Cash is accepted only as an exception and up to 990 Euro.
Non-EU citizen can pay higher amount in cash, following proper filing of personal data.
City tourist tax is due Euro 1,5 per person per day, juniors under 14 years of age excluded.
We enjoy pets, and dogs in particular; our dog is a Scottish terrier.
Building rules and guests’ allergies do not allow as to let your pets (or any other animal) in.
No smoking is allowed, not even at the window.