Verona and its surrondings

Verona is the fourth touristic town in Italy, and needs no presentation.

Internet and guides offer an excellent starting point.

But there are many monuments that are not so well know to the public; let us please point-out some of them (alphabetical order).

  • Paolo Veronese frescos in San Giorgio’s (Saint George) Church
  • The Bibliotheca (Library) Capitolare. It is the most ancient library in the Latin world, dating back to the V century A.C. and has codes dated back to the IV century.;
  • The Templar Church of San Giorgio di Valpolicella (Ingannapoltron) with a fresco showing a pregnant Maria Magdalena and double apses, following the tracks of Templars myth;;
  • The San Lorenzo Church in Corso Cavour, with two twin towers attached to the façade;
  • The wooden choir of the Santa Maria in Organo Church;
  • The Crypt of San Fermo Church;
  • The Domus Romana in Piazza Nogara;
  • The Venetian and Austrian fortress and fortified walls surrounding the town;
  • The Sagramoso Library and it gorgeous frescos of Morone;
  • The IV or V century small church of Santa Teuteria e Tosca;
  • The Roman Capitolium in Corte Sgarzerie and the two bronze cadastral small tablets (only three found in Europe!)
  • The Synagogue;